Pan’s Labyrinth or El Laberinto del Fauno (from spanish, “The labyrinth of the faun”) is a mexican-spanish film directed by Guillermo del Toro in 2006. A dark fantasy, it tells the story of a little girl named Ofelia, after the Spanish Civil War (in 1944) and during the early Francoist period, when she travels with her pregnant mother to a little town in the north of Spain. There they will meet her new stepfather, captain of the Civil Guard, who was assigned to root out any anti-Franco rebels. As her mother struggles for her life, Ofelia start meeting some magical creatures, and a faun who will tell her that she is the spirit of a fairy tale princess, who was destined to return, and, to go back to her underground kingdom, she had to pass three tests.

This movie is also amazing, the music is beautiful and the makeup and special effects are really cool. But, again, it leaves you wondering. In the end you don’t know if some things really happened or not, and that lets exposed the cruelty of the true, and the cruelty of that historical period. My professor of cinema once told me that that was what made the difference between a great movie and a not so good one. The great movie leaves you wondering, it leaves a message, it makes you think. So we can say this is a great movie, and I recommend it.

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‘Cause people seem to only post the 20-something Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn was the granddaughter of a baron, the daughter of a nazi sympathizer, spent her teens doing ballet to secretly raise money for the dutch resistance against the nazis, and spent her post-film career as a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, winning the presidential medal of freedom for her efforts.

…and history remembers her as pretty.



this is the first time I have ever seen a picture of her older than 20 and I think that’s scary

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I am finally done! My 6 page comic I’ve been working on. I must say the flow in the comic could have been done better, and I would have liked to make it a bit longer if I could but I’m still happy I finished it.

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"please don’t worry, when i wake up i’ll be something new"
12x36” 6 color screenprint. open edition. 2014 

there is a considerable amount of backstory to this print. its covered rather well in the documentary “Just Like Being There”, but the short of it is this… back in 2005 someone very important to me was killed in a particularly brutal car accident, and i didn’t handle it well. she, a firm believer in reincarnation, had often said that if anything ever happened to her, she would simply come back as something new. this was usually said in a voice halfway between a knowing warning and whimsical Vermont summer youth jibberjabber. possibly dismissed at the time, i found comfort in it after the accident. i began drawing an earlier version of this image a few months later as a means to try to get some of that out of my skull and onto paper, knowing that laboring over something meaningful would help my frazzled head. i made a run of screenprints of the piece which i gave to her mother, family, and friends as a means to remind them of what she had said to us. it helped. it helped me.

in the many years that followed, i brought that print around the world with me, to galleries and poster shows and rock festivals, and in the process met near countless people who found their own comfort in the statement. they had their own losses, their own tragedies, and they connected with the piece in a way that is somewhat indescribable, and many brought it home with them. i saw this play out again and again in front of me as i talked with people, and in my head the print collected more and more meaning. that is to say; when i started this print it was about Grace, and now almost ten years later this print is the collective memories of thousands of people i’ve met or who have written me. I’m endlessly and eternally lucky to have been able to connect with so many people over the years through this piece, it has meant the absolute world to me, and in however small of a way i am so happy people were able to find some comfort in its message.

so over the last few months i decided to redraw it, re-approaching the illustration from scratch. i wanted to revisit the original process and message but also attempt to focus all of that into the piece as well, because its still going, it itself is new. i feel better, ive felt better for a long time.


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Daniel Danger - #1: I Never Had A Plan For You, 2011  #2:  I’d Sink To Your City Streets If I Wasn’t Buried In Your Hands, 2009  #3:  Hear, 2011  #4: I’m Sorry Again For Everything I’ve Been, 2010  #5: I Am A Rabbit Out Of Room, 2009  #6: There’s Nothing Out There, I Do Not Hear What You Hear, 2008  #7: Wet Teeth In The Darkness, 2011  Paintings

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"so stop her, stop her! this is killing me. an understudy part for such industry."
24x36” 5 color screenprint.

to be released at my show at The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn NY on may 10th

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Ivan Aivazovsky, Tower and Shipwreck, 1847

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My one regret in life is that I am not someone else.

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